In the Fall of 2011, the city of Berea hired Michael Shuman of Cutting Edge Capital to conduct an analysis of Berea’s economy and prepare an economic development strategic plan. Mr. Shuman conducted a leakage and S.W.O.T. analysis that analyzed the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the city’s economy. This resulted in the formation of five focus groups, one of which was Berea’s Locally Integrated Food Economy (Berea LIFE). This group became responsible for creating a vision and a plan for localizing Berea’s food economy. The group identified that the first step in localizing Berea’s food system was to conduct a Community Food System Assessment, as a means to identify the current state of Berea’s food system. Through the Community Food System Assessment, the goal was to compile a community food profile which included a statistical analysis  of food accessibility as well as an inventory of resources in the area.

Community Food System Assessment Meeting

Community Food System Assessment Meeting

The food system assessment was completed in June of 2014, and the team developed a final report which highlights key findings and recommendations for policies and programs related to food in Berea. Download the final report here:

Berea LIFE Community Food System Assessment, completed June 2014 – Berea CFSA Final Report

Full action plan drafted early in 2012 –  Berea-LIFE-Action-Plan-EXPANDED (1)




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