Consumer Survey Sweeps

Part of the Community Food System Assessment involves collecting data from Berea citizens about their food choices and what they would like to see improved. This information will help us understand how the people of Berea feel about the local food economy so we can find ways to improve it. The consumption work group collected this information through surveys that was given to a random sample of the population. Every third home was offered a survey, and, if they took it, volunteers went back the next day to pick it up.


So far, we have given out surveys on two separate occasions. The first survey sweep was during the first weekend of April, and the second one was on the first weekend of June. Volunteers met in Baird Lounge at Berea College to go over the plan for giving out the surveys. It was important that everyone followed the instructions for determining which homes were offered the survey in order to get a good sample of the population. Once everyone had a clear understanding of what to do, the volunteers split into teams and went to their designated area of Berea to pass out surveys.

Survey-Fun (6)

One of the most incredible things about this assessment is the collaboration between Berea College and EKU faculty and students. Professor Stephanie McSpirit from EKU, Professor Andrea Woodward from Berea College, and students from both colleges have participated in the survey sweeps. Students from Professor Woodward’s Food Policy class also helped input the data from the most recent survey sweep. To our knowledge, this is the first ever collaboration between the two colleges. It’s great to see these colleges working together on such an important project. They have helped tremendously with our collection of data on how the people of Berea feel about their food choices.


More surveys still need to be completed in order to get a good sample, so keep your eye out for our volunteers if you haven’t seen them already.


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