CFSA Work Groups


The Consumption Group is focused on assessing issues related to food security, nutrition and health, the role of federal food assistance programs in the Berea food system, and how personal and family cultures affect the food system. We are focusing most of our data collection on residents of the Berea area by conducting surveys and focus groups in addition to compiling data from other sources.

Phone: (859) 228-2058


The Community Outreach Group is essentially responsible for getting the word out. We are responsible for educating the public on issues of food security and our current local food system, as well as recruiting volunteers and participants for the work to be done. This group also ensures that the community stays up to date on the progress of the Community Food System Assessment.

Phone: (606)-694-1705


The Production Group focuses on where our food comes from. The primary question we hope to answer is, “Who is providing food for Berea?” To answer this question, we are trying to investigate what is being produced and how, who is producing it, and where, as well as a variety of other important components of food production. It is our goal to have these questions answered through surveys which will be given to farmers and gardeners in the area. We also plan to find out basic information about land use in the Berea area, zoning regulations, and farmer demographics.

Phone: (606) 694-1705


The purpose of the Resource Group is to identify resources and challenges within the community related to the local food economy and match resources with the needs of the other work groups. With identified community leaders and organizations, we will conduct an asset inventory. Using this information, we will help meet the needs identified by the other work groups both during the Community Food System Assessment and afterwards. We will also examine current and potential policies that impact the local food economy.

Phone: (765) 430-2918


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